<![CDATA[My Site - Blog]]>Wed, 30 Dec 2015 07:55:28 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[ How to Make Delicious Recipes Original Shredded Beef and Crispy]]>Wed, 30 Dec 2015 13:26:57 GMThttp://resepmami.weebly.com/blog/-how-to-make-delicious-recipes-original-shredded-beef-and-crispyConfused children who are fussy eaters? Yes, usually the children will get bored with vegetables that was it. For that, there is no harm at all times when friends try to use Shredded Beef to friend rice. With the taste crisp, tasty and savory, one Indonesian food made from shredded beef is indeed one of the favorites of our children. Pengertian dan Harga abon Sapi For that, this time I will invite friends to try to make the Shredded Beef Recipes at home.

Yes, there are some common types of shredded her we know, the shredded fish, shredded beef and shredded chicken recipe. But among some kind of shredded was the most famous and favored by the majority of our society is the Shredded Beef Recipes. It was a tasty, crunchy and tasty are not only diversify the beef dishes are delicious to eat rice friends, tetpai material can also be used for some other recipes, such as pastel shredded, shredded bread and others. Indeed, the price of shredded type is more expensive compared to other types of shredded, for that this time I will invite friends to try the process of making shredded meat at home.

Make some friends who do not have free time and busy with work in the office, buy at the store About a house might be considered more practical. But for friends who still have a little spare time at home, making Shredded Beef Recipes itself is definitely more interesting. In addition to cheaper, we are also able to maintain the quality of the resulting shredded later really pure of beef and other ingredients mixed. Abon Ayam Juga Enak With the use of quality materials, finished result was definitely more tasty and delicious. To make shredded beef recipe details, please see below yes.

Ingredients Recipe Original Shredded Beef

Beef that have good quality and free of fat as much as 1kg. We recommend using beef tenderloin in.
Local garlic as much as approximately 40 grams. First peeled before use.
Fine or coriander powder 5 grams.
The local red onions as much as approximately 25 grams.
Good quality fresh bay leaves 2 pieces.
Sugar white sand as much as 75 grams.
Galangal good quality as much as 5-7 grams. Hit and crushed.
Tamarind as much as 5 grams.
Shredded coconut fruit. Take only as much 200ml coconut milk thickened.
Lemongrass has been crushed as much as one piece.
600 ml of clean water.
Enough oil for sauteing and frying.

How to Make Delicious Recipes Shredded Beef

Before use make sure the beef has been washed and cleaned beforehand.
Cut the meat into pieces of meat to be an easy process penyuiran daginnya later.
Boiled beef less lebi for 50 minutes to 1 hour dengana small fire.
Remove the bacon and drain briefly. Suwir tiny little meat on mashed and then slowly once in order to produce fibers of meat were quite smooth.
Take mortar / pestle pestle and grind 25 grams of onion, garlic and ketumbarnya local. '
Prepare a frying pan over low heat. enter the cooking oil to taste and stir-fry seasoning spice paste on top.
After fragrant enter galangal, lemongrass, tamarind, 2 bay leaves and sugar Javanese. Stir all ingredients until blended.
Enter 200 ml coconut milk and stir constantly until boiling.
Enter piecemeal shredded beef that has been shredded into a stew with coconut milk and spices over low heat.
Continue stirring until the coconut milk not broken until the beef and half dry.
Lift shredded dried meat floss half above and prepare a new frying pan.
Enter your taste and cooking oil above the shredded meat to dry.
Drain until it is completely dry and wait for it to cool before shredded beef put into the jar.

It was not as difficult as we think the process of making shredded beef above. Of course, in addition to more thrifty, making Shredded Meat Recipes themselves are also more healthy and nutritious as we can maintain the quality of the materials used. To make it durable, use an airtight jar and make sure shredded really dry. Friends can also add onions fried into crunchy sensation abonnya for poses to it

<![CDATA[HOW TO MAKE A HEALTHY VEGETABLES VEGETABLE NUGGET]]>Sun, 27 Dec 2015 16:10:26 GMThttp://resepmami.weebly.com/blog/how-to-make-a-healthy-vegetables-vegetable-nuggetVegetable recipe Vegetable Natural Health Nugget Original Simple Delicious. Outsmart the children do not like to eat vegetables one by making nuggets various creations of refined from vegetable material, There are many vegetables that can be made nugget of them, spinach either red spinach or spinach greens, vegetables, carrots, broccoli and could mix vegetables -sayuran or vegetable mix to taste to taste better able to mix it with cheese ingredients will get a taste of savory and salty. Resep Bumbu Nugget Sayur Renyah Problem shape can be adjusted by varying the mold with the aim nuggetnya look attractive so that children like to eat voraciously eating together nuggetnya and white rice. And vegetable nugget is very suitable as a provision for school children because it is very practical living alone with cooking oil fried non cholesterol.

Nugget healthy vegetable for children baby your pet is available also a new innovation Nugget vegetables Vegeta nugget of healthy, delicious, rich in benefits, kosher, no MSG, no preservatives, and no pengenyal chemistry right solutions for the baby who does not like to eat vegetables but about delicious taste remains no.1 in Indonesia.

Nugget healthy vegetable is also favored by adults and older people not only children who love nugget turns this vegetable because it tastes good and especially homemade. In the recipe below we give an example using other vegetable spinach for you or mothers can create yourself at home in the kitchen umami.


1 sliced ​​spinach bond rough
75 g flour
100 grams of carrots
6 pieces of chicken eggs whipped off
Cloves 1/2 onion finely sliced
1 teaspoon pepper
3 onions finely finely ground garlic
2 1/2 tsp salt
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1 tsp sand
100 ml water
right amount of oil


3 chicken egg whipped off
100 gr bread flour


All the ingredients are mixed and stirred until smooth
The dough is put into a mold that has been coated plastic
Steam until cooked, approximately takes 30 minutes
If you are using a large mold, the cut-cut results kukukusan with a rather small size according to your taste. If mold is already in a small form you just dip the steam results in beaten egg and then moisten bread crumbs in a way dengna rolled it 2 times suapaya smeared evenly.
Fry until browned berwarnak or mature.
See More at :
<![CDATA[Special Goat Stew recipe Delicious and Soft]]>Fri, 25 Dec 2015 15:50:44 GMThttp://resepmami.weebly.com/blog/special-goat-stew-recipe-delicious-and-softCurry goat is a unique culinary archipelago which is rich in spices. Flavor and aroma of curry goat tempting to make any mood to eat. But be careful, curry goat and all kinds of other uses much coconut milk curry to cook, if you have heartburn symptoms should not eat curry excessively.

Who would have thought that turned out to curry goat that often we buy and we enjoy during this time can be made easily. Seasoning needed are readily available in traditional markets, Resep Cara Buat Gulai Kambing yang enak or if you do not want to be bothered, you can buy spices so that has been finely ground and just say to the seller to complete the seasoning made for so kg / ounces of meat. And for those of you who want to learn to make it from scratch, below are all the necessary ingredients and how to manufacture.

Secret recipe special soft curry goat, choose a young goat meat. Typically, young goat meat sold in traditional markets in the morning, and the place is usually adjacent to the sate for manufacturing purposes. Here for ingredients and seasoning as needed.

Materials Special Goat Stew Recipe

1/2 kg lamb meat, cut
500 ml aqueous Santan
250 ml thick coconut milk
2 stalks lemongrass, crushed
3 LBR lime leaves
3 bay leaves
1 turmeric leaf lbr
2 tbsp Gula Java
1 tbsp Acid kandis / Java
Salt to taste
Flavoring to taste
Enough water
Cooking oil for sauteing

Seasonings Fine For Goat Stew Recipe

6 cloves Onion
5 cloves garlic
5 grains Pecan
5 pieces of red chilli, deseeded
4 cm galangal size of a thumb
3 cm Turmeric
2 eggs Cloves
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tsp Coriander
2 eggs Cardamom
1/2 teaspoon pepper

How to Make Goat Stew Special

Boiled goat meat in a pan until cooked, reduce the heat and set aside
Separately, heat the oil and sauté the spices that has been refined.
Enter lemongrass, lime leaves, bay leaves, turmeric leaves, stir-fry until fragrant smell.
Take a bit of mutton boiled water, pour the seasoning stir, Dab sugar and tamarind / kandis acid.
Mix well and all mixed.
Pour stir spices into a pot of mutton stew, Dab salt and flavorings, soy sauce and thin coconut milk. Cook over medium heat until soft goat meat and sauce is reduced to half of the original amount.
Enter the thick coconut milk, cook over low heat, stirring frequently so as not to break the coconut milk.
Remove and serve, goat curry specials ready to be enjoyed with family.

Thus the special recipe of delicious curry goat Recipes style.  If you want to try it at home along with colleagues, friends, and relatives, please share this article just to share recipes with fellow foodies. Hopefully useful yes!

<![CDATA[Simple recipe Beef Sate Padded which Enak]]>Mon, 21 Dec 2015 16:48:02 GMThttp://resepmami.weebly.com/blog/simple-recipe-beef-sate-padded-which-enakAlthough made in a simple, yet beef satay recipe has a delicious taste. Resep Sate Padang Daging Sapi Empuk So that the texture of the meat is tender, it is advisable soaked in pineapple juice young for a few minutes. After that, washed with running water, then cooked.

His name is also simple recipes, surely not difficult to apply the beef satay recipe meat is tender and tastes good. This dish can you make reference when gathering with family or close friends.

Ingredients to make a simple tender beef satay tasty:
- Beef: 300 grams, cut to shape and size according to taste.
- Heart beef: 100 grams, cut to shape and size according to taste. Empal Gentong Berasal darimana sih Liver or ati sampi often also used for materials from a variety of traditional recipes.
- Fat beef: 100 grams, cut to shape and size according to taste.
- Skewers: taste.
- Butter bargaining: taste, melted.

Seasoning for spread (mashed):
- Garlic: 5 cloves crushed.
- Roasted Coriander: 0.5 teaspoons.

Seasoning complement to spread:
- Salt to taste.
- White pepper: to taste.
- Sweet soy sauce: 6 tablespoons.

Materials and complementary seasonings:
- Sweet soy sauce: 5 tablespoons.
- Cayenne pepper: 6 pieces, sliced ​​or crushed.
- Soy sauce: 1 teaspoon.
- Orange juice: cut into pieces.
- Red Tomato: 1 piece, cut to shape and size according to taste.
- Shallots: 6 cloves, thinly sliced.
- Lettuce: 10 sheets.

How to make a simple beef satay were tender and tasty:
- Enter to spread the spice paste and spices complement to spread into the container, stir until well blended.
- Add the unsalted butter that had been melted, stir well and set aside.
- Pin beef, beef fat, and beef heart on skewers.
- Soak in seasoning spread for 15 minutes so pervasive.
- Fuel while spread with remaining seasoning spread and inverted until cooked, lift.
- Arrange in a serving container, add complementary ingredients and spices, beef satay simple tender and tasty ready to serve.

<![CDATA[Recipes How to Make Shredded Fish Cob The Savory]]>Wed, 16 Dec 2015 09:45:26 GMThttp://resepmami.weebly.com/blog/recipes-how-to-make-shredded-fish-cob-the-savoryWell to welcome the new year is certainly can in different ways with a variety of traditional and non-traditional cuisine. Usually chefs to create a meal that is very different from the usual shredded tuna like this. Shredded tuna is part of one of the typical culinary dishes archipelago that has been used since. Resep Cara Membuat Abon Ikan Paling Enak So for shredded who now do not be surprised because there is a wide variety of shredded successfully made for cooking. You also can really find this shredded types of cuisine at various stalls and in warteg and restaurants. And for the price issue is certainly affordable for us. Well this time we will invite you to make your home and as this is the recipe for Shredded Fish Recipes How To Make The Savory Cob:

Ingredients / spices:

    5 tablespoons of fried onion
1 tablespoon water 1 teaspoon of acid from the acid dissolved in 1 1/2 tablespoons water
5 lime leaves, boned
300 ml coconut milk from 1 coconut
2 stalks lemongrass, taken whiteness, crushed
1 tablespoon brown sugar comb
3 cm galangal, crushed
2 bay leaves
1 tea spoon of salt
1 tablespoon lemon juice
2 teaspoons salt
1 kilogram of tuna

Ground spices:

4 grains of hazelnut, toasted
6 cloves of garlic
7 curly red chilies
1/2 tablespoon coriander
1 teaspoon pepper
3 pieces of red chili sauce
10 red onions

How to make:

The initial step coat the tuna with lime juice. Let stand 15 minutes. Clean wash.
And coat the tuna with salt. Then steamed 25 minutes until cooked.
And discard bones and skin. Then suwir coarse-shredded meat. Then set aside.
Minyak.dan and heat sauté ground spices,
http://resepmakanan.me/resep-cara-membuat-sup-jagung/  then the bay leaf, add galangal and lemongrass and lime leaves until fragrant. Then enter the milk, and salt, and brown sugar. Then cook until thickened.
Then add the fish meat. Then stir until half dried up. And enter the acidic water. Then stir until dry.
And enter the fried onion. And mix well. And serve.

So that we can say to you and you also now can make it at home with the recipe that we have given to you.

<![CDATA[Black Pepper Beef Recipes Simple Delicious]]>Sat, 05 Dec 2015 13:20:28 GMThttp://resepmami.weebly.com/blog/black-pepper-beef-recipes-simple-deliciousblack pepper beef dishes this is the most demanding in the restorant. But we can also make this dish its own tablets, because it was consider the black pepper beef recipes are tasty and simple. Because this time we will also give way to cook beef black pepper-style restaurant. http://resepmakanan.me/resep-daging-sapi-lada-hitam/ In the previous post we have discussed the refined cuisine of beef into beef goulash, and now we though again become restorant other dishes.
Black pepper beef recipes tasty and tender taste is very simple but can be a classmate of beef a la resto if the composition of the spices and the meat quality and great fitting, plus how to cook properly.
Black pepper beef recipes tasty and simple
Cooking ingredients :

½ Kg of beef and cut into dice size
3 pieces of red pepper into small pieces
2 carrots into small pieces lengthwise
2 tomatoes cut into 4 parts
2 small pieces of green chilies
1 teaspoon black pepper
Salt, pepper, sugar, cooking oil and enough water

Softened seasoning :

1 vertebra finger ginger
3 cloves garlic nipple
5 spring onions

Supplementary material :

2 leeks and 2 stalks celery finely cut

how to make black pepper beef tender delicious simple style resto
black pepper beef tasty

How to make delicious black pepper beef a la resto

Boil chunks of beef in a medium heat until tender
Saute ground spices that had been prepared previously over medium heat, stirring until fragrant smell
Enter carrot and chili to stir the mix again until smooth
Enter the beef and stir until evenly distributed, add enough water and cover for a while, in order to absorb all the seasoning into the meat
Add black pepper, pepper, sugar and salt, stir and let stand until all seep into the meat.
After boiling reduce heat and enter the leeks, celery and tomatoes
Stir briefly and finished, the dishes are ready to be enjoyed.

Thus the black pepper beef recipes are simple and easy way to cook it. 
http://resepmakanan.me/resep-daging-sapi-tumis-buncis/ Currently, the last step you should test it feels before the deadly fire. Up here we first encounter for processing beef into special cuisine style resto. Look forward to the next cooking recipes anek.
<![CDATA[How to Make Simple Delicious Meatballs Malang]]>Mon, 23 Nov 2015 16:20:51 GMThttp://resepmami.weebly.com/blog/how-to-make-simple-delicious-meatballs-malangMeatballs Malang is a meatball from the city of Malang, East Java. Environmental conditions in Malang cold have an impact on the city's unique culinary. Typical culinary characteristics of Malang is the food warm, one of which is Meatballs Malang.

The uniqueness or difference of Malang meatballs meatballs meatballs with others that is of material complement. Complementary materials used for Malang Meatballs there and know fried dumpling skin, while others no meatballs.

Although penjajak Meatballs in Indonesia very much, but still it is a food idol Meatballs archipelago. Meatballs name, also known as bulb as in Kalimantan. Segernya sauce warm and elastic meatballs and dumplings kriuknya present in Malang Meatballs very tempting our appetite.

Very fitting now again the rainy season so the Resep Bakso Malang Enak sedap weather is cold, the most good idea to indulge tongue and our stomach is warm food. Culinary alternatives are best suited for such conditions is Meatballs Malang.

Of the traders await Meatballs Malang that passed in front of the house there or seeking to town turns dapetnya zonk, better let's follow the recipe Meatballs Malang from our guaranteed not less delicious with homemade meatballs sellers.

How to Make Meatballs Malang is not much different from making other meatballs. Materials and tools that can be used very easily in the market or supermarket. Also the price is also affordable, so as not to drain the bag.

<![CDATA[Making Meatballs Recipe Savory Fuel Make nagih]]>Mon, 23 Nov 2015 15:51:37 GMThttp://resepmami.weebly.com/blog/making-meatballs-recipe-savory-fuel-make-nagihIf you like to eat meatballs with noodles mix of yellow, white noodles, sprouts and other vegetables along with hot sauce too spicy seasoning, sepetinya grain was used. Never tried the grilled meatballs?

Grilled meatballs are basically the same as meatballs in general, just not accompanied by other compositions such as yellow noodles and colleagues. But are presented by burning such Cara Bikin Bakso Bakar Supaya Enak as satay and not soupy. Your appetite will be called if you see this dish grilled meatballs.

For the money you want to immediately taste the grilled meatballs, you can present it in a recipe medah make grilled meatballs as below.



Beef 500 g, square cut
Tapioca flour 75 gr
3 tablespoons fried garlic, crushed
Ice cubes 150 gr
soy sauce 1/2 tsp 100 ml
Chili sauce 50 ml
Clean water

Serving method

Beef puree ice dam by way of grinding the food processor. Give tapioca flour, salt, and onion, minced beef back to hallus and set aside.
Prepare a container of warm water
Shape dough into a ball and keep it in a little warm water.
Then the dough has been formed earlier boiled until floating. Repeat the boiling until the dough runs out. Then soak all the meatball that has been boiled into ice water and drain.
After that, meatball skewers of satay. Spread with chili sauce and soy sauce until evenly distributed. Then grilled until lightly browned or until cooked.
Prepare a plate and serve with the grilled meatballs additional decoration or garnish according to taste.
Grilled meatballs prepared brushed out.

<![CDATA[How to Make Soft Bolu Steamed Banana Enak]]>Thu, 12 Nov 2015 15:31:42 GMThttp://resepmami.weebly.com/blog/how-to-make-soft-bolu-steamed-banana-enakIn Indonesia there are so many kinds of variety and flavor steamed cakes, as you know steamed sponge is very known in Indonesia, because in view of the sponge texture, taste cakes, and even how to make it also can be said easily. For today from the many steamed sponge cake the most widely known is the banana cake flavor, because this banana flavor has a distinctive taste and smell are preferred most people. Banana cake is divided into two variations, there are the roast some are steamed, this time for the recipe, which will be discussed Bolu Steamed Banana.

Steamed banana cake is equally delicious with other cake flavors, you can while eating accompanied with a glass of tea or coffee can also with water. The banana cake 
http://resepmakanan.me/resep-kue-bolu-pisang/ can be present at the anniversary event, celebration, weddings and other events. For those of you who love the sweet taste simply to immediately try this food. To make this sponge cake ingredients to make the dough should be thoroughly blended and smooth so that maximum results. To be more clear this was the material used to make delicious soft steamed banana cake.

Material :

Banana 6 pieces
6 tablespoons butter
4 tsp vanilla
Wheat flour rotein levels were 200 grams
Brown smooth 40 gram
4 tsp vanilla powder
Baking powder 2 tsp
Chicken eggs 4 Btr
Salt 2 tsp
Sugar 200g

How to make a banana cake:

First banana puree until completely smooth and soft, to soften the banana can use the spoon to the way in tap-tap or can also use a blender.
To facilitate the dough is mixed, melted butter in a manner in the heat after the liquid mix butter into the dough others.
Provide a large container to make the dough, put the egg while in beat until soft and fluffy, then add the sugar, cocoa powder, salt, flour mix again until completely mixed and blended.
Add vanilla powder, baking powder, and stir until blended back. After the dough everything is smooth, then mash a banana that has been input into the batter and mix until blended. Provide a baking sheet and spread with butter so that the dough is not sticky
Put the dough into the pan, then steamed dough using a small flame until the dough is cooked.
To try or check the cake cooked or not, can use a stick or fork.
Lift up and ready to serve

How can easily not ??? Cooked dough after you can slice with a small incision or according to your tastes and ready to serve at the dinner table or in the living room to be enjoyed with your family.

<![CDATA[Butter Chicken Sauce Recipe]]>Thu, 12 Nov 2015 14:49:38 GMThttp://resepmami.weebly.com/blog/butter-chicken-sauce-recipeChicken in addition to containing a high protein is also a material that is easily processed into a variety of cuisines. No wonder there are so many variations of chicken dishes with basic ingredients. This time we want to give a butter sauce chicken recipes are quite simple to follow. With ingredients and seasonings that can easily be found in stores or markets.

To cook chicken butter sauce recipe, you can choose a solid fleshy chicken or chicken soft fleshy country. Choose chicken that is clean and plump. And do not forget to coat the chicken with lemon before cooking. In addition to eliminating the fishy smell can also make it easier seasoning seep into the meat of chicken.


½ chicken, cut into 10 parts
1 lemon, squeeze the water
1 clove garlic, finely minced
1 teaspoon salt
right amount of oil


½ onion, thinly sliced
3 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon soy sauce english
1 tsp soy sauce
½ tsp sugar
¼ teaspoon pepper

How to make

Wash the chicken thoroughly and then coat the chicken pieces with lemon juice. Add the garlic and salt. Stir well. Let stand for 10 minutes
Heat the oil and fry the chicken until cooked browned, remove and set aside
Saute onion in a little oil until fragrant and slightly wilted
Add butter, soy sauce english, soy sauce, sugar and pepper. Stir.
Add chicken that has been fried, mixed with the sauce, stir and cook until flavors mingle.
Remove and serve while warm

How do you think this butter sauce chicken recipes? If you have a better recipe, please share here via the comments box below.